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Neotropical bellbird (genus Procnias), of South and Central America · Crested bellbird (Oreoica gutturalis), of Australia · New Zealand bellbird (Anthornis. The white bellbird (Procnias albus) is a species of bird in the family Cotingidae. The specific epithet is often spelled alba, but albus is correct due to. Bellbirds are the most widespread and familiar honeyeater in the South Island, and are also common over much of the North Island. Their song is a welcome. bellbird, any of several unrelated birds from various locations around the world that are named for their ringing voices. Four bellbird species live in. Bellbirds live in native forest (including mixed podocarp-hardwood and beech forest) and regenerating forest, especially where there is diverse or dense. Male is unmistakable. Body dark rufous, head and breast gleaming white, with three bare wattles hanging down off the bill. Usually perches conspicuously. Bellbird. A honeyeater with a beautiful song. English name: Bellbird. Māori name: Korimako. Scientific name: Anthornis melanura melanura (three sub-species. The Crested Bellbird is a medium-sized bird. Adult males have grey heads with a raised black crest, a white forehead and throat, and a prominent black breast. Bellbird operates in the nexus between communication, marketing, and transformation processes. Our team possesses extensive multi-disciplinary experience in. bellbird. (ˈbɛlˌbɜːd). n. 1. (Animals) any of several tropical American passerine birds of the genus Procnias having a bell-like.

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